Scam or genuine?

Well that is mostly the question. How many peoples start with an affilate programm, send some traffic there, make zero or $10 cash and then say “This is just fake – a scam”. So what happened. Just think you would like to open a boutique in your town. Would open your store and if next […]

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For Newbies – what is affilate?

Welcome to all of those who are new to internet business and affilate programms. So some of you may perhaps ask, what exactly is an affilate? What does that include and what do I have to do? An affilater is a person who recommends peoples to a specific website. Perhaps you may know it from […]

Join the webinar

Hi friends I have joined that webinar some time ago and it was just mind blowing. I did realise how easy it is to work with influencers. I don’t talk about those young “barby doll” influencers. I mean peoples who have real knwoledge in their field i.e a nutritional coach, a personal trainer, a children […]